A visit to the BBC…

Three years ago, Mind & Soul Choir were the first choir to be featured on a new slot in BBC Radio 3’s The Choir programme called ‘Meet my Choir’. This slot features a huge range of choirs from around the UK. A producer came to one of our rehearsals and recorded bits and pieces, as well as interviewing members. The finished package featured Gill Ashwood talking about her experiences with the choir.

The producers thought that the 100th episode of ‘Meet my Choir’ would be a good opportunity to catch up with some of the choirs featured over the years, so Gill and I were invited along to New Broadcasting House to take part in the recording for the episode. We were joined in the studio by Kevin O’Neill of Polyphony Down the Pub and The Choir’s presenter, Sara Mohr-Pietsch. Four representatives of other featured choirs joined the discussion on the phone.

Gill in the studio at the BBC

We all talked a little bit about what we’d been doing since the last time our choirs had featured on the programme. The joy that people had in singing together really came across from all of the interviewees. If you want to hear what we actually said, you’ll have to tune in!

Gill and Lea with Kevin O’Neill and presenter Sara Mohr-Pietsch

The 100th Meet my Choir will be part of BBC Radio 3’s The Choir, which will be broadcast on Christmas Day at 3.45pm.